Hi and welcome to MIUI v3 for X8. I have ported the ROM from X10 Mini, and it is the second ROM to port for X8.  I do not own X8, so please be sure to search bugs and more.
So, if you found any bugs, be sure to report it and please upload patches if you can.
Remember that I will do my best to make this ROM perfect. What are you waiting for? Let's start!


Redefining Android

Bringing customization to a whole other level with phone and SMS features that you wouldn't think of and an original UI that redefines Android

Read Before We Start!
Code: To flash the ROM, you have to root and unlock your phone, which is dangerous. Also, your warranty is now void. If your device got bricked without following the instruction, sorry I cannot help you and I am not responsible for any damages. You will be just fine if you follow the instruction.

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What is so GOOD about MIUI?

Bugs/ Not Working


Did you find some bugs? The best way to report error or FC problem is by tacking LOGCAT.
Here is a great tutorial by Vince about how to take logcat: [Guide] How to provide a LOGCAT


1. Latest baseband
2. Unlocked bootloader
3. CWM Recovery
4. nAa-14 kernel

How-To Install

1. Reflash latest nAa kernel using flashtool
2. Enter CWM
3. Enter mount and storage
4. Select format system then format ext and press back button
5. Select full wipe
6. Select wipe cache
7. Enter advanced
8. Select wipe dalvik cache
9. Select wipe battery stat
10. Now search for the ROM and flash it.
11. Reboot your phone
12. Enjoy !!


MIUI v3-Pre1-Shakira released on FEB 17, 2013


1.nAa for CM7 and nAa kernel
2.Alberto96 for his original work and Rempty for MIUI ROM for X10MiniPro
4.All users

If I forgot you, tell me please.

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02/18/2013 12:07am

Hi ,
Thanks for new MIUI GB rom. Its awesome.I have a suggestion that can u make MIUI GB rom with a full screen HD caller screen. Is that possible ? If so it would be great. And also the feature like in built 2 way call recording facility..

Best Regards

02/20/2013 4:02am

This is the original MIUI dialer and caller screen... You may flash third party caller screen in Google Play. I will try 2 way calling record. :)

Rakesh Uttarwar
03/01/2013 1:25am

camera not working properly. massage show forcely close

03/02/2013 11:06pm

I am fixing it! :)

02/19/2013 3:04pm

Very nice ROM!!
Miui makes me reconsider the use of jb roms
but when i recieve a phone call i can't see very well the red decline button because half of its shape goes at the bottom of the screen!
please fix it..

02/20/2013 4:06am

Any screenshots? It will make it easier to resize it. Thanks :)

02/20/2013 10:30am

This is a screenshot:

one other thing i've noticed is that during an incoming call ringtones sound well but then they stop after their first round of tempo although vibration goes non stop :D

03/02/2013 11:07pm

I will fix it on the next version! Thanks! :)

02/20/2013 9:10am

is it possible to play music and being listened at both ends during call....

03/02/2013 11:07pm

Sorry I did not get what you say.

02/23/2013 5:55am

Please take a look also at this:
that is what usually call broken translation?

03/02/2013 11:08pm

No but it is because the ROM is not fully translated. Did you try to reboot your phone?

03/08/2013 12:19pm

mp3 ringtone problem only vibration

03/09/2013 10:55pm

I will fix it. Thanks :)

03/19/2013 3:49am

I can't hear a ringtone when phone rings. Can I do something about that?
Everything else about the rom: I like it!!!

03/26/2013 1:24am

So Nice Rom...
there is problem with Farsi language....
the words shows inversely from left to right

03/27/2013 10:03pm

thanx for your custom ROM
this ROM is very fast & stable
please add and support Persian language
good luck

04/08/2013 10:37pm

pla fix the bugs fast i want to use this rom , right now shifted to tiny anstasia...
bugs :
1. camera force close.
2. ringtones not working.
3. faster boot.
4. apps force closing.
expecting v4 to be launched soon
u did great work congrats

05/19/2013 7:22am

can any one provide screen shots for me

Vishnu M U
06/28/2013 7:18pm

Hi pongnamu,
can you please fix these small glitches so that we can use and recommend this awesome & beautiful ROM for daily use!!

|||||||||||||| please its a request ||||||||||||||

( On my w8 , the

1. camera problem (can you implement the camera from PrimeHD ROM,it has the best configurations for video recording on x8)
2. on brightness controll, the screen goes completly dark if we lower it fully(please fix)

we are happy to wait for the update,its really worth the wait!

Thanks :)


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