Welcome to SLIM ROMS+ for X10 Mini

The Slim Roms+ for X10 Mini was inspired by tchaari and A_U, so I made it for X10 Mini, too.
The same kind of project is already in progress in Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, X8 etc...
TO BE SURE, I simply removed useless apps, fonts, ringtones that bloat our device. Anyway you can simply download their duplicates from Play Store.
This will save a lot of space in the system, ultimately improving the performance upto some extent.
Try it and you will see

Keep up the latest news and information of my ROMs at my

What makes Slim Roms+ good? Let's find it out![/B]


1. Our phone has very less RAM to run ICS or JB in fully optimised manner. So these ROM's slightly fulfil that requirement. As the apps in these ROM's occupy very less RAM of around, 20 to 30 MB only !

2. Due to less RAM consumption, phone tends to be more responsive, smooth and faster !

3. Overall performance increases roughly around, 5 times !

4. If you are a benchmark believer, then AnTuTu scores were also slightly higher compared to the original ROM's

5. These lite ROM's along with any script like Adrenaline Engine, can boost your performance slightly higher.

6. These ROM's can be used as a daily driver, thanks to The Jellaxy Team !

7. Slim ROM's have slightly higher battery backup compared to the original ROM's. For me atleast, i.e; with minimal usage the phone lasts around =TESTING

8. So use these ROM's and decide what is best for you.

9. There's nothing great about these ROM's. BUT, their SIZE speaks for them !


10. Going into details, I simply removed useless apps, fonts, ringtones that bloat our device. Anyway you can simply download their duplicates from Play Store. This will save a lot of space in the system, ultimately improving the performance upto some extent

11. All the rightful credits are in the second page.

12. All the downloads and download instructions are in the bottom.

13. I have removed bloatware in to the maximum extent possible, but still if you feel there exists such an app which is useless, inform me, I will remove it

14. Finally, I ensure there was no warez used to create these ROM's

15. On a side note I removed all the boot-animations to conserve space. ICS & JB have their own in-built boot-splash. While in CM7 there is no such facility, the screen will be blank, so don't worry you did not brick your phone



1. Latest baseband
2. Unlocked bootloader
3. CWM Recovery
4. JB nAa-3 kernel

How-To Install

1. Reflash latest nAa kernel using flashtool
2. Enter CWM
3. Enter mount and storage
4. Select format system then format ext and press back button
5. Select full wipe
6. Select wipe cache
7. Enter advanced
8. Select wipe dalvik cache
9. Select wipe battery stat
10. Now search for the ROM and flash it.
11. Reboot your phone
12. Enjoy !!


1. Browser
2. Gapps


  http://www.mediafire.com/?5cqymyb6mxfxncj- Slim Roms+ MiniCM10 Revised1
(Currently JB only. ICS, GB coming soon!)

Quote from X8 thread:

Quote: Quote: astrone21
Wtf u have permissions for slim all rom? (Like Miui)

And "slim" significte that we can only call and send sms? Lol Its up to the developers, they can give permissions or they can keep their work to themselves with no further modifications... once they have have published it to public, its understood that its free to use and customize it anyway, unless they specially mention it in big bold letters sayin "i will not allow anyone tamper my work".

So I AM NOT STEALING ANYONE'S BLOODY DAMN ROM. This is open-source world, u need to be careful with words.

and my idea is not to make only calls and sms.... some of u got it totally wrong.

u can install the applications that i removed from ROM's from play store... what's the point in slowing down the phone [though lag is insignificant], which already has such less ram.. ?if we had at least 512 Mb RAM, I wouldn't care to touch any ROM, least "slim" it...
So u can install the apps that i deleted, in the partition or sd card or whatever.... this saves a lot of space in system, which MAY help the heavy application/game run slightly smoother bcoz of availability of memory..


I really thank all developers here.

nAa and all team members gets ALL credits, making MiniCM10 and nAa JB kernel.
krarvind the original creator of Slim Roms
tchaari for the original idea
Team Slim for their logo
And, I thank all members here for contribution.
If I forgot you please tell me.
01/04/2013 3:01pm

Excellent Rom very fast and smooth

01/04/2013 3:02pm

I commend you for the good work keep it up

01/04/2013 7:47pm

voy a probarla...tus trabajos son excelentes puesto que nadie habia logrado portar MIUI para x10m tan estable como el tuyo que encontre aqui...asi que no prestes atencion a comentarios degradantes sobre tu trabajo que eres un excelente desarrollador
de seguro no me decepcionan estas rom..pronto comento que tal me parecio...

01/05/2013 1:25am

De verdad muchas gracias por sus apoyos mi amigo :) Estoy haciendo mi mejor :) Enjoy!

01/05/2013 12:28am

great job mate, it's very stable, and smooth

it's dual touch working good?? i use this rom now, but i don't feel the dual touch working here

01/05/2013 1:30am

Hi. Thanks :)
Is dualtouch not working? Dual touch is meant to be working....
Sorry... Wait for the new version then...
Thanks for reporting! ;)

01/05/2013 9:48pm

se keyboard update pls :)
ı need t9 keyboard ty

sory my bad english

01/06/2013 4:47am

SE keyboard? This is not to be Xperia Styled.
I will make Slim Roms+ SevenBean version soon!

01/06/2013 1:04am

Jelly bean stock browser is a must app. I think you should not delete the stock browser in the next release. Anyways this is a great achievement. I really appreciate you.

Thanks and keep up the good work. Well done!

01/06/2013 4:48am

Thanks for your advice. I will add it on next version :)

01/14/2013 1:49am

Good Works.. thanks pongnamu..if is active in processor setting interactive X bath WITHOUT UV (undervolt) the phone work very well and the battery life become immortal(if only use 2G)...thanks again pongnamu..for every updates i am ready..

01/16/2013 4:25am

great work!! an amazing rom. fast, smooth, almost no-lag, endless battery life and there is no issue with screen wake as with other roms. there is a problem with call ringing via speaker when a headset is attached but hopefully will be fixed in the future.


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