Welcome to SLIM ROMS+ for X8
Feel the performance and speed!

The Slim Roms+ for X8 was inspired by tchaari and A_U, so I made it for X8, too.
This was first made for X10 Mini and made it for X8 by sgt.meow's request :)
I don't own X8, so please be sure to tell me how it goes.
The same kind of project is already in progress in Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, X8 etc...
TO BE SURE, I simply removed useless apps, fonts, ringtones that bloat our device. Anyway you can simply download their duplicates from Play Store.
This will save a lot of space in the system, ultimately improving the performance upto some extent.
Try it and you will see :)

    who is pongnamu?

    Lead Developer of Team Pongnamu. I love Android. I ported many ROMs to 2010 Xperias and more to come. I currently own Xperia X10 Mini, and I will have Xperia Z.


    January 2013