Experience Pure, Light and Buttery CyanogenMod on Your Xperia Ion
Welcome to Pure CyanogenMod+ for Aoba!

What is Pure CyanogenMod+?

Pure CyanogenMod+ is de-bloated version of CyanogenMod with some tweaks and modifications to give fast and light user experience.

So basically, it is slimmed CyanogenMod.
Experience pure CyanogenMod!

Before We Start...

To flash the ROM, you have to root and unlock your phone, which might be dangerous or difficult for some of you to follow. Also, your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for dead SD cards, bricked device and more. If your device exploded in your hands without following the instruction, sorry I cannot help you and I am not responsible for any damages. You will be just fine if you follow the instruction.

Support and Maintenance

Please reply in This Thread or in my Official Website for help, questions, and everything about the ROM.
Also, you can talk to me at my Twitter.
Since I do not own Xperia Ion, I need your help to make this ROM perfect.
So, please attach logcats/screenshots when you face any force closes or errors.
Those ways helps me alot.
If you do not know how to take a logcat, have a look at [Guide]Howto LOGCAT by Shaaan


- Based on CM 10 FXP 218
- Very Light, Fast
- De-bloated (129 MB Now, 175 MB Before)
- Removed Useless Apps
- Removed Useless Media Files
- Pure CyaongenMod Experience!
- Sony Xperia Z Keyboard
- Pure GoogleApps+ (23 MB Now, 89 MB Before)Requirements
- Xperia Ion
- Unlocked Bootloader
- FXP Kernel or Any Kernel That Supports CM10 (FXP Default Kernel Already Included)


1. Download Pure CyanogenMod+
2. Move Pure CyanogenMod+ to your SD Card
3. Boot into CWM Recovery
4. Back up if necessary
5. Format /cache /data and /system
6. Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache
7. Install Pure CyanogenMod+
8. Install Gapps
9. Reboot




Uploading new screenshots for the new version!


1. Team FreeXperia- Without them, there will be no CyanogenMod for XPERIAs! I give them full credit!
2. CyanogenMod Team
3. pharix for Reporting Bugs, Suggesting New Things and Helping Me Alot!
4. All users for supporting me!


[ROM] Pure CyanogenMod+ R1-Base FXP 218 for Aoba

[GAPPS] Pure GoogleApps+
5/13/2013 06:09:34 am

Hello there, I am very interested in your ROM but I am wondering if I should unlock my bootloader and get this running, or just wait for Sony's Jellybean port.

Would you please be kind enough to post some screenshots? (like, home screen, sms app, photo app, gallery...)

Would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!

6/23/2013 10:15:28 pm


6/30/2013 08:33:08 pm

6/1/2013 01:02:04 am

Couldnt post on xda. Wanted to thank you for this ROM. The best Ive got on ION.

6/27/2013 10:26:55 am

It would be nice for the instructions to say extract or not, because extracting those millions of tiny folders inside folders is taking 2 HOURS. TO JUST COPY IT. REDICULOUS.

7/28/2013 03:52:15 pm

Sorry? All you need to do is flash the kernel wipe and install the ROM via recovery. Thanks.

7/7/2013 04:29:23 am

How to increase the system volume.....can u port stock camerA

8/18/2013 06:43:50 pm

will themes from them chooser work on this rom??


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