Note: Hello everyone! This is my second ported ROM from X8. I am learning to develop, and I will try my best to fix bugs and more. Also, please be patient and please upload patches if you can.

SevenBean for X10 Mini
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-For Daily Use
-Full JellyBean Experience
-Latest MiniCM10 sources for Custom Kernel and CM10 - Android 4.1.2 Jellybean codeline
-Xperia T Launcher
-Walkman Ics
-Xperia S Theme
-Google Dns
-Aroma Installer
-New Sounds
-Xperia Style Framework and SystemUi
-Xperia Keyboard
-HW Video encoding / decoding
-Many fixes from CM10 (4.1.2)
-Camcorder 640x480
-Back button ends call
-KSM support
-ZenceFil Tweaks
-Light Version
-Walkman BootAnimation
-New Icons


Almost Everything!

Not Working

Almost nothing!




1. Latest baseband
2. Unlocked bootloader
3. CWM Recovery
4. nAa JB 3 kernel

How-To Install

1.- Download to SevenBean Latest Rom and Gapps
2.- Full Wipe,Cache and Format
3.- Flash a:SevenBean Latest Rom later Flash Gapps
4.- Reboot and Enjoy!



Download Stable2 JAN 07, 2012 Gapps for SevenBean XperiaS Wallpapers


1.nAa for CM10nd nAa kernel
5.All users

If I forgot you, tell me please.
Press thanks button if helped.


Stable2- JAN 07,2013

- Added Tweak Scripts
- Added Ram Boost
- Deleted Email
- Deleted CosmicFlow
- Removed Some Sounds
- Added Xperia Search
- Added Xperia Sound Recorder
- Added Note
- Updated Some Apk
- Updated Sony Launcher (Xperia T Launcher )
- Port to Xperia All Widgets- Weather, Toogles, Note, Picture, Clock, Contacts and more!
- Changed Lite Walkman App for Stabilize
- Added Xperia Sounds from Xperia Mini Firmware
- Port to Xperia Calculator For LDPI
- Updated All Xperia S Icons from Xperia Mini Firmware
- Fixed Calculator Not Showing Issue
- Root Permission Fixed
- Ability to Apply HDPI/XHDPI Themes Nomally Using Theme Chooser Thanks to dzolcp
- All Widgets Functional
- Xperia S Media
- Faster
- Added Torch
Stable1- DEC 21, 2012

-New Launcher for 4*3 App Drawer(RESIZED)
-Widgets Force Close Fixed
-New Styled Xperia Tablet Keyboard
-XperiaS Keyboard Force Close Fixed

Pre1- DEC 19, 2012

-First Release!


01/07/2013 4:19am

Wow amazing. I was waiting it. I am downloading and going to try. Thanks dear and please please make this rom work fast and faster.

01/07/2013 5:01pm

Sure :D

01/22/2013 2:53am

this can work with "ACID AUDIO ENGINE" on my x10 mini? i tried when i used your version slim of cm10 but it doesn´t work

02/12/2013 7:03am

I don't know. You should give it a try :)

01/07/2013 5:15am

ponagmu.... great thanks.. I am downloading the stable2 right now... the first one was very stable.. it was like final rom... i will try this... but how do i restore my apps from the last rom?
thanks again

01/07/2013 5:00pm

You can use Titanium Backup to back up your apps.

01/07/2013 11:55pm

good job men...!!! :) thanks for your ROM's,, this is great..

01/14/2013 6:06am

Thanks! :)

01/08/2013 1:03am

Awesome!!! im using X8 version but i wanna know if i can use this version for a X10 mini pro, since theres not a stable2 for mini pro.
keep doing your excellent job!!! many thanks!

01/14/2013 6:07am

Maybe...... But the hardware keyboard will not work for sure :(

01/09/2013 5:31am

I have used this rom for 2 days and I found it very stable.
Only 1 bug I found in this release.
I was browsing internet and suddenly I got an incoming call and my x10 mini just hanged and after 4 viberations I was taken to the receive or reject call screen but I can't receive the call and then I got FC message for Phone Activity.

Can you please make this rom little bit lite so that we call receive call during using any app or browsing.

Other than this rom is really stable and fast. I also using taskiller within this rom so whenever it became slow I just kill all task and it become fast again.

Thanks and waiting for stable 3.

01/14/2013 6:07am

OK. Wait for me! :)

01/09/2013 2:32pm

My god, man! This rom is amazing! You blew me away with the xperia launcher and the walkman! Fantastic job!

I've been using it for a day or two now. I haven't experience deep sleep or some other problems that I had with MiniCM. The keyboard works flawlessly too.

I did test the walkman app too. The visualizer force closes as soon as I select it. But other things seem to be working smoothly for now.

I guess the main problem with JB for X10 mini is with the amount of free RAM. There are tons of apps running in the background such as a google services thing, keyboard and DSP. I suppose if you want to make JB to take off for this phone, you have to do something about the RAM. It increases app startup times too. Apps like the phone or messaging or settings start instantly on GB while they take some time in JB.

Overall, it seems to be better than MiniCM. I'll be reporting bugs (if any!!! ;) ) here. And another thing, I think it would be more consistent with the launcher if you changed the camera app with the big grey strip on the side. It seems a bit weird. I think I've seen a camera interface with nothing but small icons on the side.

Oh and did I say this rom is absolutely amazing? Thanks for the wonderful job.

01/09/2013 3:21pm

I found a bug. It was in the latest version of MiniCM too. This happens a lot:

01/10/2013 2:25am

Further testing has revealed that deep sleep still happens. The phone just doesn't wake up sometimes when I press the power or the menu key. I have set the cpu governor on PERFORMANCE by the way.

Keep rockin'.

01/19/2013 3:20am

I will do my best to get rid of such bugs. Enjoy!

01/09/2013 7:59pm

Oh my god, now i'm confusing which one i will chose for my x10mini??
can you give me suggestion? :D

01/19/2013 5:55am

Everything are good... It is up to you :D

01/14/2013 7:02am

Bude tato ROM i ve verzi Slim?? Pokuď ano,tak kdy asi??

01/14/2013 7:02am

Will this ROM and Slim version? If so, where about?

01/19/2013 5:56am

Sorry? I just missed that...

Juan C
01/17/2013 12:51pm

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have many problems because the phone restarts as 8 or 9 times a day, it slows down a lot ... which could be the problem? I'll be doing wrong? Greetings and thanks in advance for the help, sorry for my English

01/19/2013 5:57am

Did you fully wipe before installing? You should try to install it again.

Juan C
01/24/2013 10:33am

Thanks!!!!! :)

01/18/2013 9:58pm

Thanks for this special rom.
But i am facing some problem.My xperia x10mini can't access my SD card though it is inserted into phone.System just said, You can safely remove your memory card.I have tasted my SD card it is ok.Even i have installed that rom agian from this SD card.
So I am waiting for your suggestion........

01/19/2013 5:59am

I have faced the same problem in CM9.
I solved it by this :)

01/25/2013 9:44pm

Plz. Give another link with resume support. Mediafire link is worked but not completed my download because my bad network (2G) so give any resumable link.

Anyway. Thanks a lot (by me &my friend ))


02/12/2013 7:04am

I will look for a good mirror :)

02/05/2013 2:17am

Thanks , my gratitude to you .

I think maybe there is a bug, at least for me USB tethering isn't work .

Maybe a Kernel issue with all JB's for X10 mini for now .

I was back to ICS's MiniCM9 and USB tethering working again .

02/12/2013 7:06am

Hi. I don't use USB Tethering so I don't know. If I comfirm that the bug exists on other people, I will do my best to fix it. Thanks :)

02/10/2013 2:11pm

hi! I've tried a lot of roms and this happens to be the most stable for everyday use for my mini.
Sometimes the keyboard takes its time to show up (not really a problem but in cases of being in a hurry it doesnt really help :/ ). I tried changing the maximum CPU frequency to 729 Mhz (as I heard is the maximum safe frequency) but it didn't help.

Please make this rom more light, or fast, or both! :P
Waiting for the 4.2 version...

02/12/2013 7:08am

Hello. I recommend frequency of 480-729 MHZ. :) And there are lots of other tweaks like BFQ and more :) I am currently on GB, so I will tell you more specific tweaks :)

02/17/2013 6:47am

Nice. Thanks! :)

02/14/2013 4:14am

hello i tried to install this rom on my sony xperia x10 mini e10i model, and there was this app called Paltalk kept crashing. plz fix it :)

02/14/2013 7:27am

Logcat please :D

02/14/2013 1:43pm

Logcat? Ahhm forgive me for being a noob, but i havnt used that feature yet. If you can guide a little on how i can use it. Im currently using MIUI v3 on my xperia x10mini e10i model

02/14/2013 5:19pm

I have found a good guide: Or just download app called "catlog" from Google Play (easiest way). Logcat helps me alot. :)

02/20/2013 2:06am <-- here i pasted my logcat details

Kindly take look into it. I tried 2 apps, Veetle and Paltalk and both crashed :(

02/20/2013 3:58am

You got crashed only on this ROM or same in other ROMs?

02/20/2013 4:12am

my set is x10 mini
i am use this operating system
when i go to usb tethering
it say unfortunetly setting has stoped...

03/02/2013 10:39pm

Check out the new version- should be fixed! :)

02/20/2013 7:04am

can i use this rom on my xperia x10 mini??
this is the first time 1 going to use the custom rom,can u tell me step by step instruction on how to install it??

03/02/2013 10:42pm

Try this- It is for X10 Mini Pro but change X10 Mini Pro to X10 Mini and it should work. :)

02/27/2013 5:58am

I have gingerbread 2.3.7 gingerdx custom rom installed on my x10 mini with naA 8 it safe for me to try this rom???

03/02/2013 10:43pm

Yes, but you need nAa JB 3 Kernel instead of nAa 8 GB kernel. :)

02/28/2013 8:34am

çok teşekkürler , çok güzel olmuş.

03/02/2013 10:44pm

Teşekkürler!ROM tadını çıkarın!


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