As the title says, what phone do you want me to have? My contact ends @ July, and thinking to change to a new phone :) (Most likely to change, but not 100% sure)
I cannot promise that I will buy the phone with most votes, but I will keep in mind :)
Don't worry X10 Mini users ;) I will try to keep developing projects for you guys even I buy the phone :)

You can choose as much as you want in the poll below :)
Price as of May 31, 2013 in Korea
Happy new year! It is 2013!
I thank you all for your supports :)
So, you all have voted and here is the result:
S3 won!
But S3 has 2 choices.
One is ICS and one is JB. Please pick one :)
I will close the poll @ January 2nd.
Hi. I want to know what Roms you want me to port for X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro
Please vote for your answer right below in the poll...
If you want something ELSE, post it in comment.

The poll will be closed at December 31, 2012.
Screenshots Order:
                    LG UI ICS                                       Lewa OS GB                                    Mokee Os GB
                   Lezo OS GB                                        S III ICS                                         Zencefil GB